La Verna Spiritual Centre

The need for spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological respite was felt and observed in our religious, priests and lay faithful; side by side the thirst for spiritual renewal led to the foundation of La Verna, inaugurated in October 2, 1999 by the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis. Part of La Verna is constructed on a piece of land donated by Honorable John Ngu Foncha in his desire to leave not only the political, but the spiritual legacy for his people.

La Verna has remained a space of prayer, encounter, rest, reflection and celebration where the staff radiate the values of joy, respect, orderliness, service and care.

Our mission is to create space and various resources that stimulate inspiration and encounter with God, self and others.

Though basically a spiritual center, La Verna recognizes that wholeness is the interplay of all the components of the human person; thus we serve the people of God in the following ways:
Facilitate retreats and recollection
Provide counseling and spiritual direction
Provide Space to lodge and rest
Provide space to host events, seminars, meetings, workshops, etc
Provide space for personal or group prayer.
Facilitate spiritual renewal course for religious (August through December yearly)

La Verna Spiritual Center forms part of the spiritual wealth of St. John the Baptist Parish, the Mill Hill Missionaries Formation House, Novitiate of the Sisters of St. Ann, in Foncha Street, Bamenda; in the Archdiocese of Bamenda.

Number of Rooms: 75
Number of Beds: 155

Conference Hall can take up to 200 people (There are small conference rooms and sitting rooms for smaller groups’ meetings)

Dining Hall can take up to 120 people (There are small dining rooms for smaller groups)

There is a newly oval-designed chapel found on the cover of this page that can take up to 400 people (There are small chapels for smaller groups)

Prices per night for sleeping rooms ranges between 3,000 CFA and 20,000 CFA (There are single and double beds)

Breakfast, Morning coffee break, Lunch, afternoon coffee break and supper are available at low prices which are negotiable.

Come and experience the wonderful services of our dedicated and hardworking staff made of Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis and other lay employees.